Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hiding my own Easter eggs....

One of my former bosses always said this.  He'd be searching for something around the office and he'd tell us "I could hide my own Easter eggs!"  It always made me laugh and it hit home since I am forever putting things in a "safe" place and then promptly forgetting where that place is.  Sometimes it really worries me how forgetful I am becoming.  And I am not above acting a fool when in search of a missing item.

Not that long ago, I "lost" my debit card.  I had it out of my wallet and had left it on the kitchen counter, when I went back later, it was no where to be seen.  Trying not to panic as I knew it couldn't have sprouted legs and walked out, I began to tear the house apart looking for it.  I was supposed to leave and go meet friends, as I looked and looked, becoming more agitated, I called (ok maybe screamed) for my daughter, to see if she had seen it.  Little Miss non-observant said no, which she always does, she's worse than I am and she's young!  There's no excuse there. 20 minutes later and pretty close to tears I did suddenly did a pat down and found that it was stuck safe and sound in the side of my bra!  What place could be safer?  From me too, apparently.  I have no recollection of picking it up and putting it there.  Good grief!  I grudgingly admitted to my loving child where I had found it.  She laughed at me.  And to add insult to injury, she had a friend over who bore witness to the whole drama and shared the story with her parents.  Lovely.  Ah well, you just have to laugh at yourself when you realize you've been ridiculous right?  

A week or so ago I found a note about an overdue library book from the school. I asked my daughter about it.  "Oh yeah, that was one of the books that was on the stairs, but you picked it up so I don't know where it is now."  How dare I!  Picking something up and putting it away! The sheer audacity!  I recall vaguely a couple of books on the stairs that were there for what seemed like months.  I finally got tired of seeing them and obviously on a cleaning rampage had the temerity to move them. "I'm sure I put them on your bookshelf honey."  "No, mom, I looked and it's not there. Why did you have to pick them up?"  Seriously?!  How is this my fault and not hers for not keeping track of her stuff?  Now school is almost out so of course this week I've gotten both emails and phone calls from the school saying the book must be returned NOW or I will have to pay to have it replaced.  I'm living in fear of the book police showing up on my doorstep at any moment.  So I decided to go on the hunt.  I am not opposed to paying to replace it but I want to make sure it's actually lost first.  I spent the better part of an hour looking everywhere I could think of that I would have put this book.  This led to anger and frustration with myself for not being more organized to save myself from this type of nonsense.  Before givin up, I decided to check the bookshelf in my daughter's room.  Guess what I found under a few papers?  Yup!  You guessed it.  I showed it triumphantly to my kiddo.  She barely even turned around.  "Oh was it on the bookcase?"  The restraint I showed in not lobbing the book at my child's head was really impressive.  

So now I know, snarky teenagers are sucky at looking for things but amazing at assigning blame to others.  But since I am the queen of losing shit, I'm an easy target!