Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Nerd problems....

So I am about to go on a nerd rant.  I just thought it only fair to issue a warning.  Yes, I am a nerd.  I wear this badge with unabashed honor.  I guess today we are called "fan-girls" However, I feel I am too old and crotchety for this label.  But I was a "fan-girl" way before it was considered cool.  I collected comic books (still have them all), played Dungeons & Dragons, and watched Dr. Who back when he wore a 20 foot scarf  and carried a bag of jelly bellies in his pocket.

Anywho, what's got me on a tear lately is the most overused word of the moment, the dreaded "reboot".  The current buzz is about a reboot of Ghostbusters with an all female cast.  Ugh!  Who really thinks this is a good idea?!?!?  It's downright sacrilege!!   I mean if they want to make a comedy about four female ghost hunters, so be it.  Sounds like it could be good if done right.  But why, oh why must you try to re-make a classic movie?!   This has unmitigated disaster written all over it.  And let's keep it real, apparently there were a lot of sexist comments out on the interwebs about this.  Gender is not the issue here for me.  They could try to remake this movie with four dudes and you would still hear me squawking with dismay.  I like Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig, but I don't think they will make this decent.  Let's stop and think for a minute, if you are basically going to have to re-write more than half the script to make it work, then why not just go on and write a whole new freaking movie!?!?  Seriously Hollywood, WHAT. THE.  HELL!?

Of course I didn't understand why they felt the need to "reboot" the Spiderman franchise about five seconds after the first three came out.  And do not even get me started on the remake of Footloose!  I still haven't seen it and I have no intention of ever seeing that movie.  Blake Shelton is not even talented enough to stand in the same ROOM as Kenny Loggins, let alone re-record a classic movie song!  And no Kevin Bacon?!  Fuggedaboutit!   There is only one Footloose and I watch it whenever I get the chance and it's still awesome.  You can't beat an intro like this:

Remember when they had writers in Hollywood that actually came up with original ideas?  I mean it's ridiculous.  People there is no Ghostbusters but the original Ghostbusters! Oh and the sequel which was pretty awesome too. I bet Harold Ramis is rolling over in his grave.  It's just sad.  Now the logo of a ghost with the red no symbol takes on a whole new meaning.  Just say no to reboots people. They suck.