Friday, January 10, 2014

My Message from God

Some of you saw that and said, yup, she's finally gone COMPLETELY off her rocker.  And while that may be, and I won't dispute it, it is completely beside the point. Some of you may have just been turned off, thinking oh good grief not another religious nut!  I know I feel the same way, this is not a preachy post so just bear with me a minute.  I'll get to the point eventually.  It's totally cool too!

So today I received what I totally believe to be a message from God.  And I had to share.  Now some people probably don't even realize I'm a Christian as I'm not one of those bible thumping, scripture spewing folk, but I have a very personal relationship with the big guy upstairs and today He responded to a prayer of mine in a way that is probably about as close to a flashing neon sign as He gets. 

You see, I'm a writer, it's the only thing in my life that I have ever had a real passion for.  When I was 11 years old I realized that I wanted to write.  I had (and still have) a constant dialog in my head of stories and scenes.  I was also an avid reader and I went, I can do that. Plus it was the only thing my little introverted mind could come up with that I could do for a living and not have to talk to people but that is a story for another day.

And so I began to write.  And then, something terrible happened.  I found out this writing gig was a lot harder than it looked.  I mean a LOT harder.  I still to this day, many, many, many, many, many moons later, have never finished a story although I have started a ton. My goal at this point in my life is to just finish one of these damn stories!  Just one!!!  The problem?  A large part is due to the Evil.  That's what I call her.  She is my inner voice/writing critic.  She's a bitch, no nice way to put it.  She's incredibly negative and constantly telling me I suck at writing (and just about everything else).  She's really loud too, but I'm trying to learn to drown her ass out.

Back to the story.  Today started like so many others, after dragging myself out of bed and showering, I meandered into the kitchen and saw a blinking light on my phone.  I had a FB message!  Now I know what you are thinking, God so did not send you a FB message crazy lady!  Well, no, not directly anyway.  But I did receive this message from a very dear friend. 

And do you know what she told me?  That this quote made her think of me and my writing!! My first reaction was, awe, that is so incredibly sweet!  I've got some really awesome friends, no lie.  But the more I thought about this, the more I realized that this was more than just my sweet friend sending me words of encouragement, this was God telling me through her, hey, you, you know how you are always asking me what you are supposed to be doing with your life?  Guess what?  Here is your answer.  You need to be WRITING.  Get off your duff!  No more excuses!  Freaky right?  I mean how often do you get an actual sign!?  Oh and you can argue all you want that this wasn't the big guy upstairs but I choose to believe it is.

So today I sat down and started this blog.  It will be full of randomness and things I find funny or irritating or what have you.  And I will finish a book this year if it kills me, which it might, or at least kill my liver. 

This is a monumental day for me.  I don't know if I will ever be able to express the gratitude I have for my friend who decided this morning that she was going to lift me up give me wings. What do you say to someone that passed along a message from the almighty?  Thanks just doesn't seem to cover it.  I think the best way I can thank her is to write.  She has given me the inspiration to renew my purpose and my mission.  Today is the first step to fulfilling a life long dream.  So here goes, I got the message God!  I heard it loud and clear!! 

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