Thursday, January 16, 2014

Stop trying to make 'Shindig' happen

So apparently my teen daughter is a mean girl. Or at least she thinks she's Billy Badass with me anyway.  On our way home from an all day volleyball tournament to get ready for the league banquet the other day we were having a chat.

Me:  "So as soon as this shindig tonight is over we are going home to crash."

Her:  (after a few moments of silence). "You know, no one says shindig anymore. "

Me:  "What? " (Feigning surprise). "They don't?  Huh."  Pause while I let this percolate. 
 "So wait are you trying to tell me shindig isn't going to happen?  Like fetch?  And that I should stop trying to make it happen?"

Her:  (giggles)   "Yeah."  [By the way, to go off topic for a minute - does it make everyone else feel like a friggin' champion if you can make your teenager laugh or smile?  When it happens I want to run up a bunch of stairs to the Rocky theme and dance around like a fool at the top!  Okay maybe 'run' is a little ambitious.  Walk up slowly holding the handrail and dance at the top while puffing like a steam engine from the climb is closer to reality.]

Sometime later:

Her:  "Do you remember when Elvis died? (And before I can answer) I don't, because I was no where near being born yet."

Me:  "Uh yeah, I was 7 and I do remember." Where is this going?.

Her:  "And you probably remember when that rocket blew up too." 

Me:  "Shuttle and yes that was 86 and I was like 15."

Okay, is this little shit trying to tell me I'm old and decrepit or something!?!

Her:  "Wow Mom."

Me, defensively:  "I only know the exact year because we were playing an 80's trivia last night at my friend's house and that was one of the questions!"

Her:  (laughing)  "Uh-huh.  Okay."

Oh yeah, she's definitely hinting not so subtly that I am beyond ancient! 

So this is where I have to remind myself that anything over 20 is ancient to a 13 year old.  Besides I do love it when I can make her laugh.  And I love our little chats in the car, even when she is basically insulting me.  I have made the car a free talk zone.  Anything can be discussed with no judgment, or at least if I must judge, I try to do it on the inside.  Since my kiddo is spoiled rotten and has not just a Kindle and a I-pad Mini but an I-phone (Seriously?!  When I was her age I was excited when I got a new set of markers!!) it's hard to compete for her attention sometimes.  Of course, she is always free to talk to me about anything and at any time and place.  I remind her of that constantly, I'm never going to win a mom of the year award or anything but I know the only way we will survive the teenage years is to keep an open dialog between us.  It just seems like we have some of our best talks while driving in the car, maybe because it's just the two of us in an small, enclosed space.  Whatever the reason I try to just enjoy the fact that she's engaged and participating in the conversation.  She's a complete smart ass (no idea where she gets it) and says some pretty hilarious stuff sometimes and unfortunately I tend to forget exactly what it was within 20 minutes.  But I never forget the feeling of enjoying time with the person who means the most to me.

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